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Keep you on track

Track vehicles with GPS for both logistics organization customers. or the owner of a car, whether new or old You can track and manage your vehicle in real time, view its location, fuel costs, temperature or driver information. Get it on your fingertips, easier and faster than anyone else.

Make every tracking easy at your fingertips.

You can track your vehicle’s status anywhere, anytime. Analyze your journey and create reports easily with just your fingertips. It also notifies you of every event that occurs.

Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking system tracks cars using new and modern technology. License to operate business according to NBTC rules and received a license from Department of Transport

Route Analytic

Travel history of every vehicle It is analyzed, displayed, and reports generated in real time.

Event Notification

Real-time processing Notification of every event that occurs Makes it possible to prevent or check back.

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