Automate deliver
operations for your fleet.

Heliot TMS platform replce sophisticate operations and man power. We recover your lose time used to manage operations and you can focus on what matters most.

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Station: Heliot

Installation GPS done. Time 11.05 Date 21 January 2022

Task Management System

Heliot Task Management Platform (TMS) helps end customers and business owner manage their tasks for each single vehicle, track job status, geofence enter-exit and build or analyze reports for summary in a day.

Spreadsheet Import

Capture your orders on a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet to easily adapt to new system, no learning curve.

Super Easy Driver Link

Driver could open link from any messenger app to deliver and get proof of delivery by photos.

POD and Deliver Report

Download proof of delivery report which have digitally captured to ensure vehicle's are in place.

Create, Track and Analyze

No matter how large your business is, we could help you plan, optimize your operations routing from an integrated system with Google Maps so you could always know the vehicle visibility like location, routes, estimate time arrival (ETA) or total spend time accurately using real time traffic conditions.

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