Fleet Management Platform for Logistics Business

Track, manage and analyze your fleet with a software develop by experienced specialist worked in every logistics aspect.

GPS Tracking Device

Heliot partnered with a world class GPS tracking vendor for any vehicles following Thailand Department of Land Transport (DLT) standard. The multi-functions tracking device come with high accuracy GPS modules, many external port connections types, memorable geofence area and internal memory which can store above 10,000 history location with out GSM signalsto support every business need.


Suitable for general cars, not using additional options.

  • GSM connection
    Fuel control and monitoring system


Additional options can be added according to the vehicle type.

  • Connect GSM and UMTS
  • Fuel control and monitoring system
  • There is a built-in battery.
  • Added option to cut start
  • PTO
  • Connect the card swiping machine


  • Connect GSM and UMTS
  • Fuel control and monitoring system
  • CANbus connection (2xCAN connection ports) for large vehicles.
  • Connect external antenna
  • There is a built-in battery.
  • Connection ports 4xDIN, 2xAIN, 2xDOUT, 1-Wire
  • RS232 and RS485 ports



PTO dump

PTO crane

PTO air-condiitoner

PTO door


Limit Switch

Ignition block


Card reader

Heliot is certified GPS vendor from DLT

Heliot Company Limited has been certified from DLT to running a telecom organization (Telecom Enterprise Type 1) passing the standard of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission so you can ensure the device and software and seamlessly help you running your business.

Logistics software that are designs from practical used

Every Processes and Features had been delicately designed from real practice and problems.

Vehicle tracking software give you better decision and faster

Heliot Telematics Platform deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to adapt quickly to new devel­op­ments and make smart, informed decisions.
Our vehicle tracking tells you which employee is closest to any new assignment as well as giving you instant access to important vehicle information and driving behavior information such as speeding or harsh braking. Vehicle tracking can save you money and make your business more efficient.

Difficulty software is difficult manage

UX x Logistics

We always know that managing fleet with many vehicles is no easy. The software are develop from real customer's story real problems and with our professional UX and product designer which experienced in logistics make us understand you than anyone else.

Automate is Cost Reduction

Our development goal is to make a platform target all kind of logistics problems customers encountering, reduce process time, reduce man power, reduce human errors and finally reduce your business cost.

Heliot Telematics Platform Helps You

Always know where your vehicles are, in real-time within 15 seconds update

Identify where to make savings by comparing previous trips

Improve customer experience with precise ETAs

Respond quickly to customer emergencies by sending the driver with the quickest ETA

Analyze your fleet data to improve business performance from many types of reports

Improve drivers behavior from monitoring, notify and scoring

We can help you start with our being or having specialist

With our over 10 years of experience support team

Changing your running process by digital transformation is not easy especially in aging business. We can help every steps to make it seamless in process and operations adaptation to ensure the customers success.

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