Keep you on track

Heliot provide software development services for logistics solution and telematics & GPS tracking system by using a cutting edge technologies from our experienced engineer on both hardware and software.

Logistics platform for all size business

From basic tracking function to a an ultimate tool that can help reduce your business cost, reduce operation mistake and increase to every stakeholder performance made Heliot logistics platform gain more trust from customers continually. Both from our passing best experience from us to customers or from word of mouth.

Super Precise Map

Our street level map by Google Maps™ together with high standard hardware to ensure tracking accuracy

15Sec Real Time Update

We deliver every 15 seconds realtime update which is trigger directly from device, yield more accuracy than any other competitors.

Task Management System

Our TMS help customers and business owner manage tasks operations on their fleet on tracking location, station or create report.

Analytical Report

Plenty of report types for different logistics business need. Our smart dashboard can help you plan how business go.


Display realtime vehicles matrics like fuel level, temperature, PTO more accurate with CANbus ready device.

All Channel Notifications

Notify you on web, LINE app or mobile application on every event or your scheduled maintenance.

Painful logistics software?

Our platform are delicately design by choosing hardware manufacture from a world class vendor and software architect which focusing on customers centric. Result in reduce in operations process, more intuitive and manage with ease even you are not specialyst.

We go beyond by understanding

Control Drivers Behavior

Track drivers working hours to optimize driver's performance and reduce business cost.

Increase Services Performance

Track realtime location, geofence enter or exit time. Idling time and all history to optimize operations cost.

Reduce Vehicles Misusage

Reduce waste of misuse on fuel from overspeed driving, violence driving. long idling engine time or driving outside service routes.

Inspect and decrease corruption

Realtime or history inspectable of resources corruption like fuel smuggling, over billing by PTO metrics.

Choose The Package You Suit

To make sure that your business will be armed with right tools, we design these package to answer every business challenge and strike through to your goal.


  • Tracking vehicle
  • Location history
  • Trip history
  • Station Notify
  • Route
  • Basic report
  • Accessories informaion
  • Driver information


  • All from Plus
  • TMS
  • Software customize
  • Notify via e-mail
  • Extra add-ons
  • Inteligent Dashbord
  • Pro Support
  • Pro consult for you business

Because we believe in best experience we commit to customers

Great customers experience is always our core mission and we happy that we always in part of customers achievement.



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PPS Express

ชอบเมนูรายงานการทำอุณภูมิ และความยืดหยุ่นในการปรับปรุงรายงานให้ตามที่กลุ่มลูกค้าแต่ละองค์กรต้องการได้

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