<Using Fleet by Heliot

Location and Vehicle

The display on this menu consists of two parts, namely the information about each car and its location.

  • All vehicle

Displays the number of all cars in each status, car name, car registration, speed, and car status, and results from accessory devices such as temperature, fuel consumption, car location, last update time, and stations.

  • Map

The map can choose to view a satellite map, traffic, and station and can zoom in, zoom out or use google street view as well.


At the bottom left side of the map, show data of each vehicle by following: 

  1. Vehicle:  This tab shows general vehicle information such as vehicle position, latitude, longitude, last updated time, engine status, battery, mileage, fuel consumption, temperature, PTO, and a button to download the certificate.

  2. Sensor:  Displays status information of accessory devices such as PTO (Digital Input), AIN (Analog Input), hdop, satellite signal, and GSM.

  3. Device: Displays information about the GPS device such as IMEI number, model name, brand name, purchase date, and warranty start date.

  4. Driver: Show driver information, this part is based on the card reader device.

    In case of the customer does not install the card reader device or drivers are not swipe the card.

  5. CANbus:  A Controller Area Network is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. This tab displays information from the CANbus installation, such as fuel volume, odometer, fuel consumption, rpm, fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine operating hours, and accelerator pedal.

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